Welcome to VNIBioC, Where science and tradition combined. [M]

our story

VNI Scientific Sdn Bhd is an established manufacturer with experience in formulating and producing innovative colour cosmetics, skincare and personal care products using nano and biotechnology and rainforest herbs. GMP Certified by the Ministry of Health and Halal certified by JAKIM, we have the capability & capacity to produce quality products to our customers’ satisfaction. We also assist our customers in the formulation, conception for Halal cosmetics and skincare, production, and packaging of your own cosmetic brand.

VNI BioC is a special project between Nano Malaysia and VNI Scientific Sdn Bhd to introduce crystalline nano cellulose as a key ingredient in cosmetic products while advocating herbs from the rainforest as quality active or hero ingredients on par with other ingredients in the global cosmetic industry.

As your ideal GMP OEM partner, you can trust us to manufacture your dream product. Here we are offering you a key advantage over your competitors by providing potential star products from the VNIBioC series for your cosmetic brand:

  • Bio-Cellulose Masks infused with a nano-emulsion of skin-nourishing ingredients from the rainforest and are biodegradable
  • Nano-emulsion serums that will be refine and repair skin speedily and safely winning repeat customers handily
  • Eye patch masks infused with an exclusive nano-emulsion formulated to reduce eye bags, puffy eyes and crow’s feet

We partner with brand owners to produce bio-cellulose products using nanotechnology and rainforest herbs to increase effectiveness, save cost and time to source for the ingredients backed by research and efficacy studies.

By focusing on herbs from the rainforest, we are providing unique ingredients from trusted and certified local suppliers. This reduces costs and long lead time for imports. By blending both science and tradition, we aim to provide brand owners with innovative, trending products that promote sustainability of the rainforest while reducing cosmetic waste.

Trusted Partner

VNI Scientific Sdn Bhd is a manufacturer with experience in producing innovative colour cosmetic and skincare products. Certified by Ministry of Health and JAKIM, we have the capability & capacity to deliver on the promise of producing quality products.

Producing Profit

We acknowledge the importance of profit for our customer to have not only quality product but also making sure that it has the marketable features and is cost effective to produce. Products coming out from our factory has not only gone through laboratory tests but also market validation process prior to offering them to customers

Rainforest Herbs Advocate

VNI Scientific Sdn Bhd is advocating the amazing benefits of rainforest herbs and we believe in the potential of local herbs potential to break into the active ingredients sector of in cosmetic industry.

Relationship with Researchers

VNI Scientific Sdn Bhd values highly of the research on the great benefits of herbal extracts conducted by researchers from Malaysian universities and research institutes. Our collaboration with them to commercialize their research will revitalize the cosmetic industry and enhance the credibility of the universities and research institutes